This page provides information about "Mind University" partnerships.

"Mind University" is a project that is managed by platform users and DAO members. The website operates on the principle of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on the cross.social platform.

In Lithuania, JSC "Lentvario Dvaras" serves as the "Mind University" DAO validator and can assist in raising funds for maintaining the website in the Lithuanian or foreign market.

The "Mind University" project is not affiliated with third parties and operates without any direct or indirect commercial goals. The website promotes impartiality and respects diverse opinions.

While the "Mind University" website may feature commissioned content that aligns with DAO's values, DAO is not responsible for commissioned content. All content posted on the social platform is solely the responsibility of the users.

To learn more about the "Mind University" project, you can read the following sections: Terms, DAO, Token Utility, and FAQ. If you have any questions, please refer to the "Team" section for contact information.