What is "Mind University"?

"Mind University" is a crypto project centered around the revitalization of a historic Manor into a hub of learning and community. Our goal is to provide a platform where users can share their knowledge and ideas about a range of topics, including occult science, radionics, homeopathy, alchemy, nutrition, and more.

How do I become a member of "Mind University"?

A: To become a member of "Mind University", you need to register in our website. If you also want to become a DAO member, you need to purchase and hold our DAO tokens. Once you hold our tokens, you will have access to additional paid services.

How does the content on "Mind University" get approved?

The content on our platform is generated by independent users with varying levels of validation within the DAO. The selection of content for publication is based on a majority vote by our members.

Can I submit my own content to "Mind University"?

Yes, you can submit your own content to our platform. However, you are responsible for the information you submit and publish, and we reserve the right to remove any content that violates our values or standards.

How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content on "Mind University"?

We strive to provide our users with the most current and objective information available, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the content provided. We strongly advise our users to conduct their own research and consult with qualified professionals before engaging in any practices or using any products discussed on our website.

Is there a privacy policy for "Mind University"?

Yes, we have a privacy policy that explains how we collect, use, and disclose the personal information that we receive from our users. You can find our privacy policy on our website.

Is there a user agreement for "Mind University"?

Yes, we have a user agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of using our website. You can find our user agreement on our website.

How can I contact "Mind University" if I have any questions or concerns?

You can contact us through the "Team" section of our website, or by emailing us at we[@]mind.university. We will do our best to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.