Roadmap: the journey to learning and exploration

The Mind University roadmap outlines an exhilarating journey of growth and transformation, marked by milestones such as the creation of captivating NFT collections, the launch of diverse faculties like Mindfulness, Astrology, and Nutrition, and the renovation of the historic manor palace building.

As the community expands, members come together to experience exclusive events, forging connections within an ever-evolving learning landscape. United in their quest for knowledge, the Mind University family eagerly anticipates the future, ready to embrace the exciting opportunities that await.

  • 2016: It all started with the discovery of a long-forgotten and crumbling Manor. September of that year marks the start of this journey. The Manor was shrouded in mystery and whispers of the past grandeurs. The idea of the possible project started to materialize. The piece awaits a transformation and rebirth.
  • 2017: November of that year was the significant time. Approval from the Department of Cultural Heritage opened ways to start planning. Plans for restoring the building was accepted and we got permits needed for the beginning of the important work on the Manor.
  • 2018: Spring came with good news. A grant of €673k from the EU funds meant that the project can move forward and become a real and important thing. Restoration of the ancient manor tower got the needed push.
  • 2020: A few years of working on the tower and in the middle of the year, Mind University concept was born in the heads of masterminds. Rebirthing the magical manor palace and other buildings created the idea to embrace the transformation and house Mind University in such a magical place.
  • 2021: At the beginning of the year, the opportunity of starting to work on other buildings appeared. This acquisition of mystical manor palace buildings allowed us to discover more about the Manor and the secrets it holds. The investment in this rebirthing project totals to 3 million euros at this point. This allows to discover all the things about such mystical place.
  • 2022: The transformation of the physical Manor triggered the wish to explore other ideas. Making waves in various industries can be risky and bring various emotions, but creating things is always ecstatic. The enchanting concept of the manor project helped to explore other possibilities. This is how the mesmerizing NFT art came to mind. Others can join the journey of this transformation this way.
  • 2023: Second quarter of the year brought the idea to life. Mind University Genesis NFT Collection pre-sale. This event offered limited 4,000 units out of 10,000 NFTs that can help anyone to become a part of the adventure with transformation of the manor and the beginning oh Mind University.
  • Third quarter opened a world of possibilities for enthusiasts and fans of the project. Mind University Token goes on sale and gets the recognition after the listing on popular Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.
  • Q4 of 2023 showed that Mind University is holding even more than it seems at the beginning. The grand reveal of the three Mind University faculties attracted attention. The reveal of Mindfulness, Astrology and Nutrition faculties and NFT collections related to them offers the opportunity to explore Mind University and its options.
  • The end of the year also was the time for celebration. Mind University reached a significant milestone of 50,000 community members. People come together to create the amazing place for learning, connecting and exploring. This was a great push to continue exploring these ideas and bringing the project to life.
  • 2024 Q3: The year of major changes and improvements. Be there with us while these magical transformations happen. Witness the enchanting Oasis of Light concept as it becomes a part of the major Manor project and comes to life in one of the buildings. This will be a safe place for inspiration and learning.
  • 2024 Q4: Lets experience the feeling of excitement and curiosity. As these renovations get more complete, the historic manor palace buildings reveal more wonders and secrets that could be found within the walls. The world in Mind University and the manor has many more surprises.
  • 2025 Q2: The grand opening of the Mind University Hotel awaits. The opportunity to step into the different world presented for the NFT owners. The exclusive experience of luxury and unforgettable activities at the magical and mystic place like the Manor.
  • The end of the same year brings the online community together during the first physical event ant the Mind University. The enchanting Manor is the place for creating bright and magical memories. The DAO community helped to nurture this place into a heaven for wisdom and learning.
  • 2026 Q2: The transformation of the manor and expansion of Mind University premises becomes more and more physical. Mind University is not only a place for students and the learning community as we know it. These premises will hold places for the retirement home, kindergarten, automated greenhouse and other places where community members could explore their different talents and enjoy activities that bring joy and help them to learn, explore, experience.

    Visual roadmap: