Mind University - the first DAO learning platform backed by RWA, presents a groundbreaking approach to education, blending technology and mysticism to offer unique learning paths. This platform has its foundation rooted in a historical manor which was granted €673K for restoration from the EU due to its symbolic and cultural importance. The platform fosters a collaborative learning environment where individuals can connect, share knowledge, and embark on personalized journeys of intellectual exploration.

The project leverages blockchain technology for secure peer-to-peer transactions and tokenization of educational assets. This fosters a sense of shared ownership, incentivizes participation, and creates a unique intersection between the tangible and the intangible in the learning process.

This white paper outlines Mind University's vision: creating a thriving intellectual community driven by transparency, community involvement, and the exploration of both the scientific and the esoteric. It delves into the various faculties offered, the potential role of physical learning spaces, the utility and value proposition of the native token, and the details of the platform's governance model and underlying technology. Mind University aspires to redefine the educational landscape by empowering individuals, fostering a collaborative knowledge ecosystem, and unlocking the potential of the mind through a unique blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches to learning.

Mind University goes beyond just providing a platform. It aspires to foster a thriving intellectual community. A place where users can connect, share, and learn from each other, Mind University hopes to create a community that is united by a passion for knowledge and exploration. 

Building a Collaborative Learning Hub

  • Connect and Collaborate: At the heart of Mind University lies a vibrant community hub where users engage in robust discussions, share insights, and challenge one another's viewpoints. This interactive environment cultivates dynamic discourse, facilitating the refinement and evolution of ideas.
  • Curated Content and Courses: Mind University boasts an extensive repository of educational resources spanning structured courses to bite-sized learning modules. Users actively contribute to this knowledge pool, enriching it with their expertise and diverse perspectives.

Empowering Ownership through Blockchain Technology

  • Tokenization of Assets: Mind University uses blockchain technology to tokenize assets, allowing shared ownership among community members where individuals participate in the project's growth and development.
  • Secure Transactions: Mind University uses blockchain technology to secure asset token transactions, reduce costs, and enhance security by eliminating intermediaries and providing a trustless environment for community members.

Transparency and Governance

  • Community-Driven Decisions: Mind University emphasizes a transparent and accountable governance model. This could involve token-holder voting on key decisions, ensuring the community has a direct voice in shaping the university's future.
  • Open Communication: Regular updates, clear communication channels, and a commitment to community feedback are crucial to building trust and fostering a collaborative environment.

Target Audience

The target audience for Mind University is diverse and includes students, academics, researchers, and individuals interested in exploring topics related to occult science, radionics, homeopathy, alchemy, nutrition, and other related fields.

  • Students: Mind University offers a unique and in-depth learning experience that is not available in traditional academic settings. Students who are passionate about exploring the unknown and the mysterious will find a welcoming and supportive community at Mind University.
  • Academics: Mind University provides a space for academics to explore new ideas and perspectives in a supportive and inclusive environment. The project's commitment to transparency and community involvement makes it an attractive platform for academics looking to collaborate with peers from around the world.
  • Researchers: Mind University offers researchers access to a diverse and global community of individuals who are passionate about exploring the mysteries of the universe. The project's emphasis on transparency and community involvement makes it an attractive platform for researchers looking to share their findings and collaborate with others.
  • Individuals: Mind University is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of individuals who are interested in exploring topics related to occult science, radionics, homeopathy, alchemy, nutrition, and other related fields. The project's commitment to transparency and community involvement ensures that users have access to the latest and most objective information available.

Why Mind University is Uniquely Positioned to Meet the Needs of its Target Audience

Mind University is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of its target audience for several reasons:

  • Diverse Range of Faculties: Mind University offers a wide range of faculties, each designed to provide a unique and in-depth learning experience. This diversity of faculties ensures that users have access to a broad range of knowledge and ideas.
  • Inclusive Community: The project is centered around providing a space where users can connect, share, and learn from each other in a supportive and inclusive environment. This community-centric approach ensures that users feel welcome and supported throughout their learning journey.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Mind University is built on the latest blockchain technology, providing a secure and transparent platform for learning and community. The project's use of cutting-edge technologies ensures that users have access to the latest and most innovative tools available.
  • Physical Space: The Manor at the heart of Mind University provides a physical space for users to come together and learn, reinforcing the project's commitment to holistic education and growth.

Overall, Mind University is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of its target audience. Its commitment to diversity, community, technology, and physical space ensures that users have access to a unique and in-depth learning experience that is not available elsewhere.


Step into the world of creation and restoration with Mind University and become a part of the exciting journey of bringing Tyshkevich Manor back to life. At Mind University, we believe in the power of transformation and the importance of preserving history. Our project at Tyshkevich Manor is a testament to this belief. 

The Manor

The Manor at the heart of Mind University is an integral part of the project, both physically and symbolically. The Manor has a rich history and is shrouded in mystery, making it the perfect setting for exploring the unknown and the mysterious.

The significance of the Manor lies in its deep rooted cultural and historical importance. The Lentvaris Manor, once owned by prominent Polish-Lithuanian families like the Sapiehas and Tyszkiewiczs, stands as a testament to the region's rich cultural heritage, boasting Tudor and English Gothic architectural styles amidst its tranquil surroundings. Its history spans centuries, reflecting the intricate tapestry of Lithuanian history within the confines of its elegant walls.


The renovation of the Manor and other associated buildings is not only pivotal to the success of the Mind University project but also serves as a tangible representation of its mission and values. The initial spark for the Manor's restoration came from a substantial grant of €673K from EU restoration fund programs, demonstrating external support for the project's goals. However, it's noteworthy that the current owner has already invested €5.5 million euros into the renovation efforts, underlining their commitment to bringing the vision of Mind University to fruition.

Beyond the Manor, the project encompasses various facilities such as the Mind University Hotel, retirement home, kindergarten, and automated greenhouse, all designed to cater to different stages of life and promote holistic education and community engagement. Together, these structures form a cohesive ecosystem that fosters learning, growth, and connection among users.

In summary, the physical aspect of the Mind University project is not only essential but also a testament to the dedication and investment of its current owner. It stands as a beacon of transformation and renewal, symbolizing the project's overarching goal of creating a space for learning and community enrichment.


  • The Grand Palace: Explore the visionary mind of Vladislav Tiškevičius, the great art collector who reconstructed the manor in 1890 with a striking neo-Gothic palace, featuring richly decorated façades, towering buttresses, and a six-storey tower. Discover the secrets of its mystical allure!
  • E. F. Andre Park: Lentvaris Park, a true masterpiece of landscape artistry designed by Eduard Francois André, is a gem of natural and artificial beauty. The park features winding paths, rocky banks, a unique water system, and a marvelous grotto. Discover the magic of this timeless landscape!
  • The Lake: Discover Count Tiškevičius' engineering marvels at Lake Lentvaris: hidden channels, waterfalls, water treatment plant, and an abandoned water mill steeped in mystery and ancient history. A world of beauty and wonder awaits!
  • Water Tower: The water tower, a mysterious structure whose origins are shrouded in time, stands tall and proud with its utilitarian architecture and Gothic embellishments, a testament to the genius of engineering and a portal to the secrets of the past.
  • More enchanting and culturally rich destinations await discovery!



Mind University prides itself on offering a rich array of faculties, each meticulously crafted to provide a transformative and immersive educational journey. These faculties represent the forefront of knowledge in their respective fields, catering to a diverse range of interests and passions. From unlocking the mysteries of the human mind to exploring the depths of blockchain ecosystems, Mind University empowers learners to embark on a journey of discovery unlike any other.

  • Web3: Step into the future of technology with our Web3 faculty, where decentralized technologies and blockchain ecosystems take center stage. Students immerse themselves in the intricacies of blockchain networks, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). With hands-on experience and theoretical exploration, learners grasp the potential and challenges of decentralized systems reshaping industries worldwide.
  • AI: Uncover the mysteries of artificial intelligence with our AI faculty. From machine learning to natural language processing and robotics, students delve into the latest advancements and applications of AI technology. Through practical projects and theoretical discussions, learners gain insights into the ethical, societal, and technological implications of AI in today's world.
  • Healing: Embark on a journey of holistic wellness with our Healing faculty. Here, students delve into various healing modalities, including homeopathy, radionics, and energy healing. Through both theory and practice, learners gain a profound understanding of the body's innate capacity for healing and explore alternative approaches to health and wellness.
  • Survival: Prepare for the unexpected with our Survival faculty, where learners acquire essential skills and knowledge to thrive in any situation. Whether mastering fire-starting techniques or navigating by the stars, students develop resilience and resourcefulness in the face of adversity. With hands-on training and expert guidance, Mind University ensures learners are equipped to tackle challenges head-on.
  • Mind: Unlock the potential of the human mind with our Mind faculty, where meditation, lucid dreaming, and hypnosis take center stage. Through introspection and exploration, students deepen their understanding of consciousness and mental well-being, empowering themselves to lead balanced and fulfilling lives.
  • Nutrition: Explore the intersection of food and health with our Nutrition faculty. Here, students discover the impact of different diets on the body and learn to prepare nutritious and delicious meals. With a focus on holistic wellness, learners gain practical knowledge to optimize their health and vitality through mindful eating habits.
  • Alchemy: Journey into the ancient art of transformation with our Alchemy faculty, where history, philosophy, and practical applications converge. From the symbolism of the elements to the quest for inner transmutation, students explore the rich tapestry of alchemical wisdom and its relevance in modern times.
  • Astrology: Embark on a cosmic exploration with our Astrology faculty, where the science of the stars comes to life. From horoscopes to natal charts and astrological forecasting, learners delve into the mysteries of the celestial realm, gaining insight into themselves and the world around them.

At Mind University, each faculty is carefully designed to complement and enrich the others, fostering a holistic approach to education that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.


Unlock Your Potential: A Journey of Learning

  • Pace Yourself - Learn in Your Own Time: At Mind University, we believe that true learning flourishes when individuals are given the freedom to navigate their educational journey at their own pace. Whether you're a fast-paced learner who thrives on absorbing information rapidly or someone who prefers a more measured approach, our platform accommodates your unique learning rhythm. With an array of resources at your disposal, including engaging lectures, interactive exercises, and insightful discussions, you have the flexibility to delve into subjects deeply or skim the surface as you see fit. By empowering you to take control of your learning process, we ensure that every step you take towards knowledge acquisition is deliberate, meaningful, and fulfilling. 
  • Progressive Learning - Progress Through Levels: Embark on an exhilarating journey of intellectual growth and discovery with Mind University's progressive learning system. Designed to challenge and stimulate your intellect, our curriculum is structured into carefully crafted levels, each building upon the foundation laid by the previous one. As you ascend through the levels, you'll encounter increasingly complex concepts and acquire a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Our goal is not only to impart knowledge but also to foster critical thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities that will serve you well in all aspects of your life. Whether you're a novice eager to explore new frontiers or a seasoned expert seeking to deepen your expertise, our progressive learning approach ensures that there's always room for growth and advancement.
  • Interactive Ratings - Gauge Your Progress: Engage in interactive rating systems that provide valuable feedback on your learning journey. Our platform allows you to track your progress, assess your understanding of key concepts, and identify areas for improvement. By receiving instant feedback through ratings and evaluations, you can measure your proficiency levels and tailor your learning approach accordingly. Whether you're mastering a new skill or delving into a complex subject, our interactive ratings empower you to take ownership of your learning outcomes and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Gamification - Transform Learning into an Adventure: Immerse yourself in the exciting world of gamification, where learning becomes an immersive and exhilarating adventure. Earn badges, unlock achievements, and climb leaderboards as you conquer challenges, complete quests, and surpass milestones. With gamified elements woven seamlessly into our platform, every learning task transforms into a thrilling quest for knowledge and mastery. Whether you're embarking on a solo expedition or joining forces with fellow learners in collaborative quests, our gamification features make learning irresistible, engaging, and fun. Let the spirit of competition and camaraderie propel you toward academic excellence and personal growth, turning your educational journey into an unforgettable odyssey. 

Investor Benefits & Conversion Options

Speaking about the Investor Benefits and Conversion Options, you can leave your long-lasting legacy in Lentvaris Manor with 3 investment choices:

The first one is a $600K Investment in the Mind University with the following benefits:

  • Branded room for 10 years
  • Statue in our Founders' Circle
  • Imprint in the Legacy Handprints area
  • Manor's Certificate of Ownership

The second option is a $200K Investment in the Mind University with the following benefits:

  • Statue in our Founders' Circle
  • Imprint in the Legacy Handprints area
  • Manor's Certificate of Ownership

The third option is a $50K Investment in the Mind University with the following benefits:

  • Imprint in the Legacy Handprints area
  • Manor's Certificate of Ownership

As for the Conversion Option, during 2-year period, there is an allowance to convert 50% of your initial investment tokens into a Real World Asset - part of Lentvaris Manor.

Manor RWA Revenue Streams

At Mind University, by investing in tangible, real-world assets we're providing our community with unique opportunities such as:

  • Manor Rent Revenue - generating income through leasing the restored spaces within Lentvaris Manor for events, retreats, and conferences.
  • Mind.University courses - profiting from a variety of educational and training programs, workshops, and seminars held at the manor, integrating both physical and virtual learning environments.
  • Token Treasury - managing a reserve of tokens that can be utilized for internal funding, investments, or to stabilize market activities.

Through our innovative approach, you can become a part-owner of Mind University and play a pivotal role in the revitalization of our historic Manor area into a vibrant center of learning and inspiration. 

Investing in Certificates of Ownership

By acquiring Manor tokens, investors can secure digital certificates that serve as tangible proof of their ownership stake in Mind University. These certificates come in three tiers:

  • Legendary (5% Ownership): A prestigious level of ownership that grants investors significant influence in company decisions and potential substantial dividends in the future. This tier represents a substantial commitment to our vision and ensures a prominent voice in shaping the future of Mind University.
  • Epic (1% Ownership): An esteemed level of ownership that offers investors a substantial stake in Mind University's success. This tier provides the opportunity to contribute to our community's growth and development while enjoying the benefits of ownership and potential dividends.
  • Super Rare (0.2% Ownership): A rare and coveted level of ownership that signifies a strong commitment to our mission and vision. This tier allows investors to participate in company decisions and enjoy the rewards of their investment, including potential dividends and a sense of pride in being part of our community.

Limited Certificates of Ownership

Secure your exclusive certificate of ownership today and become a valued member of our community. With limited availability, these certificates offer a unique opportunity to join our inner circle and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Mind University. Whether you're an experienced investor or new to ownership, there's a place for you among our select group of co-owners. 

Don't miss out on this limited chance to claim your stake in our shared vision for the future.

Exclusive Events for Co-Owners

At Mind University, we believe in creating unique opportunities for our co-owners to engage with our community and witness the impact of their investment firsthand. As a token of our appreciation for your commitment to our vision, we are excited to offer special privileges and access to exclusive events tailored specifically for our co-owners.

Throughout the year, Mind University participates in various international exhibitions and gatherings focused on education, innovation, and community development. As a co-owner, you'll receive invitations to these prestigious events, where you'll have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, policymakers, and fellow investors from around the world. These events provide a platform for sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and forging partnerships that drive the future of education and sustainable development.

A Journey of Possibilities

From a digital proof of ownership to actual company shares, our journey together is filled with endless possibilities. By investing in Mind University, you're not just supporting a project – you're becoming a co-owner of our vision for the future. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey to shape the destiny of our historic Manor area and Andre Park, leaving a legacy that will inspire generations to come.

Token Utility

The Mind University token is the backbone of the Mind University ecosystem, providing users with access to various services and faculties. The Mind University token will be used on the cross.social platform, which is the third-party social platform that Mind University will operate on. This platform for the purpose of this whitepaper will henceforth be called mind.university.

Users will earn Mind University tokens by participating in online activities such as engaging with content, creating valuable posts, and answering polls. These tokens can then be used to access various services and faculties offered by Mind University. Users can also buy and sell services and items using Mind University tokens, making it a valuable currency within the ecosystem.

In addition to its functional value, the Mind University token also has potential financial value. As the project grows and gains popularity, the demand for Mind University tokens is likely to increase, potentially leading to an increase in its value. The unique nature of the project, along with its commitment to transparency and community involvement, make it an attractive investment opportunity for those interested in the occult sciences, radionics, homeopathy, alchemy, nutrition, and other related fields.

The Mind University token will also play a crucial role in the governance of the Mind University ecosystem. One Mind University token equals one vote, giving users the power to influence the direction of the project and have a say in important decisions. This decentralized governance framework ensures that the project is guided by the needs and desires of its community, rather than by a centralized authority.

Overall, the Mind University token is a valuable asset within the Mind University ecosystem, providing users with access to various services and faculties, as well as a potential investment opportunity. Its role in the governance of the project also ensures that the community has a voice in shaping its future.

Earning Mind University tokens

At Mind University, the Mind University token serves as a pivotal component of our ecosystem, empowering participants to accrue tokens through diverse avenues of engagement within our community.

Primary Earnings

  • Courses: Mind University takes pride in offering a range of courses facilitated by knowledgeable lecturers, providing an opportunity for users to earn Mind University tokens while expanding their expertise and skills. Share your expertise with the community by leading courses at Mind University and receive Mind University tokens as compensation for your knowledge-sharing efforts. 
  • Staking: Staking constitutes a cornerstone of our tokenomics, offering users the ability to stake their tokens for a predetermined duration and earn yields as a passive income stream.

Community Earnings

Active Participation

  • Answering Polls: Users contribute to the community by responding to polls and receive Mind University tokens sourced from the poll's price.
  • Reading Notifications: Engage with notifications to stay informed and earn tokens distributed from a designated token pool.
  • Reading Direct Messages: Receive tokens for reading direct messages, incentivizing interaction between users.
  • Creating and Interacting with Content: Content creators earn tokens when their posts are recommended or when discussions they initiate receive upvotes.

Support and Recognition

  • Being Supported as an Author: Receive support from followers through various channels such as article or post endorsements, fostering a supportive environment for creators.
  • Receiving Contributions from Followers: Users can create exclusive communities and set subscription fees, allowing for direct support from followers.
  • Achieving "Trending" or "Viral" Status: Create compelling content that garners significant engagement to earn tokens and gain visibility through exclusive badges.

Referral Program

  • Referral Rewards: Introduce friends to Mind University and earn Mind University tokens as a reward for successful referrals.

Commerce and Exchange

  • Selling Items on the Marketplace: Utilize the integrated marketplace to exchange physical and digital items for Mind University tokens, facilitating seamless transactions within the community.

These diverse avenues underscore our commitment to fostering an ecosystem where knowledge, engagement, and participation are duly rewarded.

Spending Mind University tokens

Mind University tokens serve as the lifeblood of our ecosystem, offering a versatile means of engagement and interaction for our community members. With Mind University tokens, users can unlock a plethora of opportunities, from accessing premium content and services to supporting their favorite content creators. Whether it's purchasing goods and services in our integrated marketplace, participating in polls to shape the direction of our platform, or rewarding valuable contributions with super content, Mind University tokens empower users to engage meaningfully within our community. 

Additionally, users can stake their tokens to earn passive rewards or invest and collect unique digital assets. The flexibility and utility of Mind University tokens make them an indispensable asset within our ecosystem, fostering a vibrant and thriving community driven by shared values and mutual support. 


Mind.university offers membership tailored to suit different user needs and preferences.

Price: $24.5 USD/month (equivalent in tokens)


  • "Remove recommendation" setting
  • Ability to delete comments on profiles and pages
  • Enhanced visibility for user's content
  • Higher positions in recommended lists, search results, lists of followers, liked pages, and profiles
  • "Contributing followers" setting
  • Option to disable commercial emojis
  • Use of the "Dofollow" setting
  • One free poll per month
  • Ability to set up a price for non-friends and non-followers
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Airdrop functionality enabled
  • Increased reach for followers
  • More visibility for user's content
  • Free anonymous posts and comments
  • Free upvotes for discussions
  • Ability to publish posts to all/selected local communities
  • Access to courses, commercial videos, and posts
  • Further enhanced positions in recommended lists, search results, lists of followers, liked pages, and profiles.

Tokens spent on memberships are directed to the reward pool for equitable distribution among users.

This membership offers a comprehensive package, combining a vital list of features, along with access to courses, commercial videos, and posts.

DAO Governance

Mind University is pioneering a new way of making decisions through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This approach empowers stakeholders, including token holders, content creators, and platform users, to actively participate in shaping the university's future.

Collective Voice through Voting

  • Direct democracy: Stakeholders can propose and vote on various initiatives, from course offerings and research projects to the design of the learning environment.
  • Proportional voting power: Voting rights are tied to token holdings, ensuring a fair and balanced decision-making process.

Transparent and Accountable Ecosystem

  • Structured proposal process: Ideas are vetted and validated before reaching the community for voting.
  • Community scrutiny: Proposals are openly discussed and debated, fostering transparency and accountability.

Mitigating Influence, Encouraging Participation

  • Quadratic voting: This system ensures every vote holds weight, preventing manipulation by large token holders and promoting broader community engagement.

A Community-Driven University

By adopting a DAO model, Mind University aims to:

  • Increase transparency: All stakeholders have access to information and decision-making processes.
  • Boost accountability: The community holds the power to shape the university's direction.
  • Foster a vibrant community: Collective ownership fosters a strong sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Empowering stakeholders to actively participate in shaping the university sets Mind University apart, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment driven by the collective vision of its community.


Mind University’s native token, with a fixed total supply of 1 billion tokens, serves multiple functions within the platform ecosystem.

Firstly, Mind University tokens are used to reward content creators. Users can allocate Mind University tokens to appreciate and recognize creators whose content they value. The more tokens a creator receives, the higher their recognition and promotion on the platform.

Secondly, Mind University tokens can be utilized to enhance visibility. Users have the option to spend Mind University tokens to boost the visibility of their own posts, comments, and to upvote discussions and polls they find interesting. The amount of tokens spent correlates with the likelihood of content being seen by other users.

Furthermore, Mind University tokens are a means of transaction within the platform's marketplace. Users can purchase various goods and services, including physical items, using Mind University tokens.

Additionally, Mind University tokens facilitate membership purchases on the platform, granting access to additional features and benefits based on the membership level.

The price of Mind University is subject to market conditions, and fluctuations may occur. To maintain stability in the price of the Mind University token, the platform implements mechanisms such as token burns to adjust the supply and demand in the market.

The Mind University token serves several purposes on the platform, including:

  • Rewarding content creators: Users can use Mind University tokens to reward content creators they appreciate. The more tokens a creator receives, the more they are recognized and promoted on the platform.
  • Boosting visibility: Users can also spend Mind University tokens to boost the visibility of their own posts and comments, as well as to upvote discussions and polls they find interesting. The more tokens a user spends, the more likely their content will be seen by other users.
  • Purchasing goods and services: Mind University tokens can also be used to purchase goods and services in the marketplace.
  • Membership: Users can also use Mind University tokens to purchase the membership on the mind.university platform, which provide additional features and benefits.

The price of the Mind University token is subject to market conditions and can fluctuate. However, the platform aims to maintain stability in the price of the token by implementing various mechanisms, such as a token burn mechanism, to adjust the supply and demand of the token in the market.

  • Total Supply: 1 billion Mind University tokens


  • Angels: 5% (50,000,000 tokens) at $0.014 per token
  • Private & KOLs: 10% (100,000,000 tokens) at $0.025 per token
  • Launchpads: 5% (50,000,000 tokens) at $0.026 per token
  • DAO (Adoption Incentives): 30% (300,000,000 tokens)
  • Listing & Liquidity: 10% (100,000,000 tokens)
  • Team & Advisors: 20% (200,000,000 tokens)
  • Treasury (Marketing, Development): 20% (200,000,000 tokens)


  • Angels: 10% at TGE month, 6-month cliff, 18-month vesting
  • Private & KOLs: 15% at TGE month, 3-month cliff, 15-month vesting.
  • Launchpads: 20% at TGE month, 1-month cliff, 9-month vesting.
  • DAO (Adoption Incentives): 0% at TGE month, 48-month vesting.
  • Listing & Liquidity: 15% at TGE month, 36-month vesting
  • Team & Advisors: 0% at TGE, 12-month cliff, 60-month vesting
  • Treasury (Marketing, Development): 0% at TGE month, 36-month vesting

Unveiling the Apps

Embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into two groundbreaking applications redefining education, exploration, and investment opportunities. First up, we unveil the Manorverse App, where history comes alive, education meets innovation, and the allure of investment beckons. Explore the grandeur of the Manor Palace through the ages, embark on virtual campus tours, and indulge in gamified learning experiences. Unravel exclusive educational avenues at Mind University and unlock a world of possibilities beyond imagination. 

Next, immerse yourself in the Mind University App, a portal to virtual learning excellence. Enroll in exclusive courses, shape the future as an instructor, and participate in the decentralized governance of Mind University. Stay abreast of the latest developments and seamlessly integrate your social presence.

Manorverse App

The Manorverse App promises a captivating blend of history, education, and potentially, investment opportunities. Let's delve into its functionalities:

  • Time Traveling Through History: Witness the Manor Palace transform through the ages. Explore its grandeur in various eras, offering a glimpse into the past.
  • Virtual Campus Exploration: Embark on a virtual tour of the manor's sprawling campus and museum. Discover hidden corners and historical artifacts from the comfort of your device.
  • A Step Back in Time at Andre Park: Relive the original vision of Andre Park. Virtually experience the park's intended design and immerse yourself in its historical charm.
  • Gamified Learning: The app incorporates fun and engaging games to make learning school subjects a breeze. This approach encourages exploration and knowledge retention in a stimulating way.
  • Exclusive Educational Opportunities:  Mind University offers exclusive courses accessible through the app. This could provide access to specialized knowledge and potentially enhance your academic pursuits.
  • A World of Discovery:  The Manorverse seems to encompass various exciting projects beyond the aforementioned features. This hints at a broader ecosystem that users can explore and potentially interact with.
  • Investment Potential: The app presents the possibility of becoming an investor and co-owner of Mind University. This aspect requires further investigation to understand the terms and legitimacy of such an investment opportunity.

Mind University App 2024

Mind University App is designed to facilitate a virtual learning environment for students and instructors.

  • Course Enrollment: The app allows you to enroll in exclusive courses offered by Mind University.
  • Become an Instructor: You can sign up as a lecturer and develop your own courses and seminars.
  • Updates on New Programs: Stay informed about new areas of study and upcoming seminars offered by Mind University.
  • News and Announcements: Catch up on the latest news regarding Manor, the campus, and Mind University.
  • DAO Participation: The app facilitates participation in the management of Mind University as a DAO member (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). DAOs are essentially community-run organizations that leverage blockchain technology for collective decision-making.
  • Social Media Integration: You can establish your social presence within the Mind University platform. This includes creating a feed, posting articles, and forming groups and pages.


  • 2016-09: The discovery of a long-forgotten, crumbling Manor, shrouded in mystery and whispers of its past grandeur, now awaiting a transformative rebirth.
  • 2017-11: With approval from the Department of Cultural Heritage, our detailed plans for restoring the building are accepted, and we get the permit to start the important work.
  • 2018-03: A grant of €673k from the EU breathes life into the restoration of the ancient manor tower.
  • 2020-06: We're all set to turn the dream of Mind University into reality. We're starting renovation of the manor palace and other buildings. 
  • 2021-01: Acquisition of other manor buildings that hold secrets waiting to be discovered by curious minds. Total investment soars to an impressive €3 million.
  • 2022-Q1: We're starting to create a digital version of the manor palace, called 'Manorverse', for our virtual museum and partnership integrations.
  • 2022-02: Introducing the exciting idea of owning a shared piece of the manor project. This way, everyone can be a part of this thrilling adventure of change.
  • 2023-Q4: Oasis of Light concept comes to life in one of the buildings, creating a haven for learning and inspiration!
  • 2024-Q1: Introducing the first faculties and courses on Self-healing, AI, and web3. 
  • 2024-Q3: Mind University Token goes on sale and gets listed on Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges, opening a world of possibilities for enthusiasts like you!
  • 2024-Q4: Reaching a milestone of 100,000 community members, all coming together to create an amazing world of learning and exploration! 
  • 2025-Q4: Completing the renovation of the historic manor palace building
  • 2025-Q4: The grand opening of the Mind University Hotel, exclusively for our Co-Owners, where they will step into a world of luxury, learning, and unforgettable experiences!
  • 2026-Q2: We're opening the final faculties in both the physical and digital spaces of the manor. 
  • 2026-Q4: Expanding the Mind University premises with a retirement home, a kindergarten, an automated greenhouse and other amazing buildings.

In conclusion, the Mind University project is an ambitious and exciting venture that has the potential to change the way we approach education and personal growth. By restoring and transforming the ancient manor tower and other buildings into a magical oasis of learning and inspiration, the project seeks to create a community-driven, decentralized platform for knowledge sharing and personal development.

The project's roadmap includes a series of key milestones, the listing of the Mind University Token on popular exchanges, the grand unveiling of the first three faculties, and the opening of the Mind University Hotel. These milestones will enable the project to attract a diverse and engaged community of learners and enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring new ideas and unlocking their full potential.

The Mind University project also embraces the power of blockchain technology and shared ownership to create a unique and rewarding experience for its community members. By offering tokens that provide shared ownership of the manor project, the project seeks to create a sense of ownership and belonging among its community members and to reward them for their contributions to the project's growth and success.

Overall, the Mind University project is a bold and visionary initiative that has the potential to transform the way we learn and grow as individuals and as a society. With its focus on community-driven innovation, shared ownership, and blockchain technology, the project is poised to become a leader in the rapidly evolving landscape of education and personal development. As the project continues to grow and evolve, it will undoubtedly inspire and empower countless individuals to unlock their full potential and to embrace a life of learning, growth, and transformation.