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  • All-in-one Investment Research Platform For Fundamental Investors
  • The Launch of FinChat.io and Early Adoption
  • FinChat.io is Recognized by Many Despite the Complex Niche
  • A Short Guide on How to Use FinChat.io
  • Become an Expert in Investment Research
ChatGPT for Finance

All-in-one Investment Research Platform For Fundamental Investors

FinChat.io is a chatbot driven by AI designed for the finance sector. It offers a thorough research platform for fundamental investors by enabling users to ask specific questions about investors and publicly traded companies. The central component of this platform is the combination of superior financial data with deep analytics and a conversational AI function to speed up the process of examining businesses.

FinChat.io seeks to provide reliable, accurate information about numerous international public companies. Revenue, profit categories, key performance indicators (KPIs), analyst projections, and price targets are some examples. Thanks to the AI capabilities of FinChat.io, users can simplify complex data by creating models, summaries, and visualizations. Reading transcripts and filings, monitoring dividend histories, seeing institutional and insider ownership and screening stocks are additional features. 

FinChat.io lets users save their research automatically and track information according to personal preferences. It provides consistent, institutional-quality financial data and converts it into useful information.

The Launch of FinChat.io and Early Adoption

FinChat.io released its initial beta version at the beginning of 2020 when still not many were talking about AI. Basic features including obtaining financial statements, summarizing earnings reports, and responding to frequently asked questions about publicly traded firms were included in the initial version. Early users of the platform gave it positive feedback despite its early days, praising how easy it was to acquire financial data and how much time it saved them doing research.

FinChat.io is Recognized by Many Despite the Complex Niche

FinChat.io has become rather popular in the field of investing by 2022. The website won praise from financial media and industry experts for its creative approach to investment research. The user base expanded quickly up to 50,000 unique users and included a wide spectrum of clients, including institutional investors, professional analysts, and private investors.

A Short Guide on How to Use FinChat.io

UX-driven Dashboard

1. Add Companies on Your Dashboard

  • On the top-left, click the "Edit Dashboard" button.
  • Decide which companies you wish to monitor.

2. Customize Your Metrics

  • Relevant metrics can be added or removed using the search bar at the top.
  • Sorting by relevant metrics enhances your experience overall and makes your watchlist more helpful.

3. Visualize Your Portfolio

  • To create a pie chart that represents your entire portfolio, enter the number of shares you own for each position.

4. Configure Notifications

  • To stay informed about press releases, SEC filings, conference calls, and other noteworthy announcements, click on the notifications tab located at the upper right corner of the page. 
UX-driven Dashboard
UX-driven Dashboard

In-depth Company Analysis 

1. Search for a Company

  • In the upper search bar, type the name of the company or ticker.

2. View Business Data

  • Get access to a complete overview that includes financial statements spanning more than ten years and recorded metrics. For instance, choose the "Segments & KPIs" page and choose AWS Revenue to view Amazon's AWS revenue.

3. Examine Further Details

  • To explore the company's ownership table, peer group, analyst estimates, and more, use the top menu or sidebar.
In-depth Company Analysis
In-depth Company Analysis

Don’t be Afraid to Ask FinChat.io (It won’t make you feel stupid)

1. Ask Questions

  • Either type your question into the search field or click the "Ask FinChat" icon located in the upper left corner.

Examples of queries:

"Summarize Microsoft's latest quarterly conference call"

"Write me a report on Taiwan Semiconductor."

"Show me all the US stocks that have a dividend yield of 7% or higher."

2. Utilize AI-Powered Data

  • You can spend less time on data gathering, visualization, and summaries with FinChat's ability to handle a broad range of queries.
Ask FinChat Anything
Ask FinChat Anything

Share Your Charts 

1. Choose a Metric

  • Select the parameter that you want to see displayed. For instance, contrast Lowe's and Home Depot's same-store sales over the previous 12 quarters.

2. Personalize and Export the Chart

  • In the graph's upper right corner, click the "Save" button. To share your chart, make changes to the picture title, size, and resolution, and then click export.
Share Your Charts
Share Your Charts

Compare Companies Head-to-Head

1. Select Companies

  • Look up any companies or tickers that spark your attention.

2. Customize the View

  • If necessary, change the display to a line or bar graph.
Compare Companies Head-to-Head
Compare Companies Head-to-Head

Save Time with Screener

1. Define Criteria

  • Choose from 300 different metrics to find what you want.

Example: List all publicly traded US companies with revenue growth rates above 25% each year over the past ten years and that are trading at a price-to-earnings multiple below 40x.

2. Use filters

  • Establish minimums and maximums for every metric and filter by country.
Save Time with Screener
Save Time with Screener

Become an Expert in Investment Research

FinChat.io is a full-featured platform that provides a powerful combination of conversational AI, advanced analytics, and top-notch financial data. If you have read this article and guide, you should be able to efficiently set up your dashboard, examine businesses, make use of AI-powered insights, share charts, evaluate companies, and find new investment opportunities. Investment research powered by AI is made more effective, insightful, and useful with FinChat.io.