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Join us and Co-own Mind.University!

Several dedicated teams, comprising over 50 individuals, are collaboratively working to establish Mind University: construction and renovation experts are restoring the manor building, web3 developers are crafting an immersive experience for DAO members to govern the university, 3D specialists are designing a unique museum experience, marketing professionals are promoting the vision, and spiritually-minded blockchain enthusiasts are assembling renowned teachers to lead the university’s faculties and courses.

Ugnius Kiguolis

The current owner of Tyshkevich Manor, is an expert in Radionics and deeply committed to studying ancient wisdom teachings.

Tomas Martunas

Web3 Investor & Builder, Mindfullness practitioner searching for the beauty and light in this World.

Linas Kiguolis

Known as a tech nomad, who fuses technology with holistic practices, blending psychology and mind-body disciplines to create healing synergy.

Jurgita Kiguole

A master astrologer, a lover of crystals, uses them for healing purposes, and a creator of enchanting, natural perfumes.

This might be you!

Embrace the opportunity to join the Mind University team and play a vital role in shaping a haven for the study and mastery of hidden, secret sciences.