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Józef Tyszkiewicz 1835-1891, Leliwa

Mind University NFTs

Owning a Mind University NFT is not only a testament to your place in Tyszkiewicz’s rich history, but also grants you exclusive access to our distinguished faculties and courses. Are you ready to become a part of our prestigious community and unlock a world of unparalleled learning opportunities? Let’s make history together!

Expand your mind and unleash
your full potential!

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Experience the ultimate learning journey with Mind University and enjoy exclusive benefits such as becoming a fractional owner of the Manor and joining our dynamic DAO community, winning invaluable courses in Mindfulness, Astrology, or Nutrition faculties, and enjoying a free stay at the Manor Hotel with access to our secret library.

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University Nft Benefits

Zofia Tyszkiewicz (Horwatt)
1839-1919, Pobog


Faculty Nft Benefits

Władysław Tyszkiewicz
1865-1936, Leliwa


Course Nft Benefits

Maria Krystyna Aleksandra
Tyszkiewicz (Lubomirska)
1871-1958, Drużyna